Banana Bread Day

Happy weekend! Did you celebrate National Banana Bread Day yesterday? I celebrated today!


I don’t usually sleep in very much on Saturdays, and love hopping (rolling?) out of bed, starting the coffee pot, and then deciding what I want for breakfast. Since I have more time, it’s nice to try something besides my usual oatmeal.

On my mind today: banana bread!

This was a great excuse to use my new Kitchen-Aid stand mixer! I love it very much. It helped me make cookies last week.


Also, the color is lovely and reminds me of elephant skin. I imagine my mixer’s name is Ollie (the elephant).


This was also a good excuse to use my blackening banana supply. I love bananas so much. Case in point: I bought 5.5 lbs at the grocery store yesterday (slightly crazy amount…especially considering the husband does not eat bananas!) However, this was a must-buy because the whole bag was $1.49! Most of these will be frozen; the rest will be used for breakfasting.


While debating what kind of banana bread to make, this image definitely flashed in my head:

from Cookies and Cups

Today, I decided on a basic recipe from Janetha for Mom’s Banana Bread. It caught my eye because recipes with “Mom” in the title usually mean classic, yummy, no healthy substitutes. Right? Same thing with “Grandma.” Good job Moms and Grandmas! 🙂

I followed her recipe — maybe a little too closely. Make sure to sift together the flour, baking soda, and SALT instead of sugar in the first step. I sifted the flour and sugar together, and didn’t have any problems though.

The bread turned out great — loved the smell warming and sweetening the kitchen. It was a big batch and was enough for twelve muffins and two loaf pans. I might freeze one of the loaves… or gift to a friend– any takers?




I still ended up having oatmeal for breakfast. After scarfing one muffin, I knew they wouldn’t fill me up until I had four servings so I opted for whipped banana oatmeal with just a little crumbled banana bread on top (use the crusty parts for texture), cinnamon, and peanut butter for protein/staying power.


Served with fresh cup of coffee = banana bread blissful Saturday.


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