My Secret Get-Your-Butt-Out-Of-Bed Breakfast

I’ve found the secret to peeling your butt out of bed in the morning.

Cookies for breakfast!

Nope not those.  Although I do remember being a little kindergartner and getting sucked into the Cooooookie Crisp commercials between episodes of Rugrats and Busy World of Richard Scary.  I wanted that cereal so bad.  I’m pretty sure we got Cookie Crisp a couple, very special times.

No matter, these cookies are so much better! The breakfast cookie, invented by Fitnessista, is a great healthy recipe that’s like a gooey oatmeal cookie!  Seriously, these make me so happy.  I make these as I’m getting ready for bed, admire their cuteness, dream about them, and then wake up with cookies on the brain the next morning.  That’s all I need for a little bit of extra motivation to hop out of bed.

Butt-Out-Of-Bed Breakfast Cookie

1 banana, mashed

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1 T peanut or almond butter

2 T milk

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Mash banana in bowl.

Add rest of ingredients and mix well.

Form two cookie shapes on plate.

Top with whatever makes your heart happy! (berries, chocolate chips, almond slices, granola)

Cover with plastic wrap and keep overnight in fridge.

Try not to squeal in excitement at the thought of not one, but two cookies waiting for you for breakfast!

The cookies will still need to be eaten with a fork because the oats will be somewhat soft.  The banana is a great for natural sweetener, and the toppings just make it fun.

Don’t mind my sweaty chocolate chips.  They were nervous about the photo shoot.  Or possibly had some condensation from the fridge.  Either one.

Another tip: set the coffee pot to percolate about the time of your alarm. Between the coffee smell drifting in and images of your cutie-pie cookies, you will either hop or dance or prance out of bed.  (Okay, maybe don’t prance.  Take some time to let the head-fog clear. Then prance.)


5 thoughts on “My Secret Get-Your-Butt-Out-Of-Bed Breakfast

  1. I do need an extra boost to get my butt out of bed some mornings so must try the cookies. It sounds so interesting.

    • Definitely give them a try! Just mixing oatmeal with yogurt and letting that sit overnight is another easy breakfast.

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