Chicken Marinara Sub

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Here’s the story of tonight’s supper: Chicken Marinara on a toasty sub.


I started this dinner just like my Hawaiian subs — with a quick stop at Jimmy Johns for 49-cent day old bread. Today I opted for the drive thru because I was a sweaty, post-workout mess. Here’s the culprit — jumping rope is no joke.

At home I cooked up a chicken breast coated with Italian bread crumbs. I have to admit the breadcrumbs got a little charred while cooking, but I really don’t mind that taste with chicken. Simply seasoning with salt and pepper also would work just fine.

I let the chicken rest and then sautéed half a chopped onion with some minced garlic.

Cut the sub in half down the middle, then lengthwise. Topped with marinara sauce (~1/4 cup on each), then onions, then sliced chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Important note: Cover with a respectable amount of cheese i.e. enough to be excited about the cheesy gooeyness, not so much cheese that you can longer see anything below.


Here is the whole messy setup. I did not make the marinara sauce from scratch. Emeril made it for me.


Finally, the subs went into the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, until the cheese was melted.

Yum, we both loved our subs.

Supper ended with some controversy. About watermelon of all things.

See the difference between these two plates?


My remains are on the left, David’s on the right. He gave me a hard time for leaving so much pink on mine while I cringed that he was crunching so far down, almost to the green!

How far down do you eat your watermelon? Till the pink or white?


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