Grilled Green Beans + Rules of Jeopardy Watching

Last weekend marked the end of grilling season for our household — we used up all of our propane, David cleaned the grill, and put it in the garage. This makes me a little sad because of all the deliciousness that happens on the grill. One of my favorites this summer was grilled chicken marinated in barbecue sauce. This was the summer of barbecue sauce apparently — couldn’t get enough!

If you are still grilling, this is a super simple, delicious way to prepare fresh green beans. They get a tiny bit charred (the best part of grilling) and the texture is great. No mushiness here! Also, feel free to add in other seasoning or vegetables.

Grilled Green Beans
2-3 cups green beans, ends trimmed
1 T olive oil
1 T water
Salt, pepper to taste
1/2 tsp minced garlic

Toss all ingredients and then put on a long rectangle of tin foil. Fold up the foil on all sides so that the packet can lay flat and is pretty air tight.
Grill on medium high heat for about fifteen minutes, checking towards the end for charring.

Okay, time to impart some advice. My favorite game show is Jeopardy! (<–don’t forget the exclamation point.) I realize that not everyone enjoys watching the show.  The format never ever changes, there aren’t many twists and turns, and the jokes are usually pretty dry.

Still, it’s the best.  And I believe in several rules to be followed for maximum enjoyment. Take note, if you’re an avid watcher or want to give Jeopardy another try.

11 Rules for Watching Jeopardy

· Have fun with the revealing of categories — loudly cheer for the ones you like and obnoxiously groan for the ones you don’t.  “19th century Poetry,” no one wants you here.

· Listen to Alex carefully — you now know how to perfectly over pronounce foreign words.

· Only make fun of the contestants if they are truly funny.  Yes, most of them are nerdy and awkward but life is too short for easy jokes.

· If watching with someone else, gauge your viewing partner’s willingness to be in competition. Try to beat them while always matching their level of commitment. For example, only shout answers quickly if they are shouting.  Only answer in the form of a question if they are also doing so. Beat them at all costs.

· If competing with your viewing partner, you are never allowed to say “I was thinking that” after the question is revealed.  Sorry, even if it’s true.

· If watching by yourself, do whatever feels right, even if that means shouting your answers for no one to hear.

· When the Daily Double music plays, pretend your hands are space guns to the “pew pew pew” sound effects. Makes it much more fun.

· Start planning the clever stories that you will tell when you are a contestant on Jeopardy someday.  Daydream about your banter with Alex.

· Go with your gut and answer whatever you’re thinking.  If you answer wrong, the game goes on forgivingly fast.

· Be prepared for the complex emotions of watching Teen Tournament.  You will feel great when you know lots of questions and whole categories. You will feel even greater when you inevitably know some current pop culture reference that the kids do not.  You will not feel great when the teens ultimately show you up, whipping out obscure questions to answers that had you lost halfway through.

· No matter what Final Jeopardy category is revealed, tell Alex “I got this” and bet it all in your head.  Life is too short to not bet all of your imaginary money.

Hope you follow my rules and enjoy some Jeopardy soon! Have a great night!


3 thoughts on “Grilled Green Beans + Rules of Jeopardy Watching

  1. Jon got the guns right away… and used his pretty effectively as well. I couldn’t stop laughing. He and Lori did not see or remember this post, so will have to let them know…. love you.

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