Frosted Oatmeal

I discovered my breakfast mantra last week.  I really enjoy breakfast, but it wasn’t until last week that I realized the source of the enjoyment:

The best breakfast resembles dessert.

I probably could have read the signs — Peach Pie Oatmeal and Breakfast Cookies are both on my recipe list.  Other favorite oatmeal-dessert creations include banana split (bananas, strawberries, sprinkling of chocolate chips) and  chocolate-covered strawberries (cocoa powder, sliced strawberries.)  Oh, and don’t forget breakfast smoothies.

Okay, now that I point all these out, I probably should have figured my mantra long ago.

Breakfast masquerading as dessert (or is it the other way around?) isn’t my own invention.  Muffins are basically frosting-less cupcakes.  Pancakes are cakes made in a pan.  Pastries, doughnuts, crisps and crumbles are all super sweet and yet are considered morning-acceptable foods.

Most of the time, your mornings need something a little more healthy and substantial than a pastry.  Other times, like on vacation to Ireland, you just go with the sugar!

On our two-day excursion in Dublin, we went to the Queen of Tarts two times.  The first time Mike and I both got the Raspberry Apple Tart with delicious whipped cream.  Adam got the Chocolate Pecan Tart.  It was breakfast-time.  The tarts were straight-up dessert but tasted so, so good — just the sugary happiness needed for a crazy day of walking/dodging/navigating around Dublin.

The second day I got an apple tart covered in buttery crumble, set on a flaky crust.  It was eaten in the much-more acceptable afternoon hour.

My latest dessert-in-the-morning obsession is frosted oatmeal.  I make a batch of my go-to oats, top it with four dollops of yogurt (usually Anderson Erickson French Vanilla), then finish with some sunflower seed butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  The yogurt melts over the oatmeal like icing!  It’s sweet but a little tangy and perfect with the salty, nutty sunflower seed butter.  You must try it!

By all means, don’t skip breakfast.  Embrace it, make it feel like an indulgent dessert.  I’m wishing you all the happiest mornings!


7 thoughts on “Frosted Oatmeal

  1. As I’m reading your post, I’m eating my breakfast concoction – two different kinds of cereal, Greek yogurt, slivered almonds, half a banana, topped with cinnamon. It takes me almost as long to make it as eat it! But it’s oh so good with a cup of coffee. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy my indulgent dessert, aka breakfast.

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