Full of Food, Full of Thanks

Hello and happy Tuesday!  How excited is everyone for Thanksgiving?  Favorite holiday for anyone?

I love family and love food so Thanksgiving is a pretty good combo of both.  Giving thanks is nice too.  I think gratitude is something that grows the more you think about it and find reasons to express it. Counting your blessings means you’ll have an ever-growing list!

David and I will be staying home this week so we decided to host our own Thanksgiving with friends.  David cooked up a BIG turkey for the gathering.  Like 22 pounds big.  I was a little nervous because we have never cooked anything that big before, and roasted turkey seems pretty important for a Thanksgiving meal.

David handled the pressure just fine — he put the turkey in the oven early-early and basted it every 45 minutes.  We found out that roasting a turkey isn’t hard; it just takes a lot of time and attention. Carving on the other hand was a difficult and messy affair…my kitchen needed quite the scrub down afterwards!

In case anyone’s curious, he didn’t do anything fancy to prepare the turkey — just cleaned it, removed the weird package of insides (freaky), and topped with onions and butter.  No brine, stuffing, or anything.  The turkey turned out very moist….so proud of my husband!

Intense concentration!

Since we were in charge of the turkey, everyone else brought sides, snacks, and desserts.  They definitely brought their A-game.

Some highlights:

Everything was delicious, and we had a fun afternoon!

My contribution for the appetizers was a super-simple, incredible dip — only two ingredients!

Pepper Jelly Dip:
16 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup pepper jelly

Place softened cream cheese in bowl and top with pepper jelly.

I got the pepper jelly from Trader Joe’s, but I see it in most groceries stores by the other jellies.  This dip tastes really good with buttery crackers like Ritz or Town House crackers.  The combination is like a stuffed jalapeño pepper — spicy-sweet-and-creamy.

Two ingredient recipes are kind of the best.  Here is a big list of them for those days when you want to keep it simple.

I made the Magic Shell recipe of coconut oil + melted chocolate chips last night.  It worked perfectly and tasted just like chocolate dipped ice cream at Dairy Queen.  In related news, I am back on sugar!  Oh boy, my sugar-free stint lasted only a week.  I’m actually proud of my sugar-free week though and am using the experience to remind myself to fully savor sweets as an occasional treat and watch closely for added sugars.

Signing off…

If you want some feel-goodness in your day, you really should read this collection of 11 of the Best Customer Service Stories.  Number 5 made me tear up a little bit…maybe a lot a bit.  There is a pretty funny Apple story, and it warms my heart that Trader Joe’s is on the list.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thanks for stopping by!


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