Weekend Update

This has been a momentous weekend. David and I watched the season 2 finale of Homeland and now I am feeling a weird combination of end-of-weekend blues and season finale blues.

You know the feeling, right? You enjoy something so much that when it ends, you feel exhilarated and depressed at the same time? I experience the feeling most Sunday evenings. The weekend was great, but uggggh it’s almost over and tomorrow is Monday. Yes, I am fun to be around Sunday nights.

Our weekend started out deliciously. David and I finally got over to try the Latin King together. We started out with bruschetta which we usually test out at Italian restaurants. When it came out, we laughed because it was made with huge pieces of Italian bread, five times bigger than most bruschetta. For our main meals, I had the chicken spiedini and David had the chicken marsala. Both were amazing, which makes sense because Latin King is always #1 or 2 on Des Moines best restaurant lists.

I also made some dessert — Whiskey Walnut Blondies! I used Jameson as a throwback to our Ireland trip where we got to visit the Jameson Distillery.


The bars are really good. I love the big walnut pieces and buttery-sweet taste.

I spent some time admiring my Christmas present from David…boots! I am fully smitten. They are soft leather, the perfect cognac brown, and I love the cut-out detail!


The rest of the weekend has been devoted to cleaning, laundry, relaxing, and Homeland!

Homeland: Season 1

Like I said, we finished the second season today….oh. my. goodness. So good!

Anyone else watching this? Please allow me to share my observations of the characters.

Saul: Best ever. It’s a toss up whether I love the actor more as Saul or Inigo Montoya. Or maybe they’re just one in the same.
Brody: Every scene he was in, my brain kept saying “tiny mouth, tiny mouth, tiny mouth…” Probably doesn’t help that I saw the Homeland SNL sketch before the show.
Carrie: Kudos to Claire Daines for being willing to show a huge range of ugly cry-faces. So much so that there’s a website dedicated to them.


Brody’s daughter Dana: Crazy expressive eyebrows. Apparently I fixate on people’s facial features?
Brody’s son Chris: Writers got lazy with his character development. David and I figured out this weekend that he has the exact personality of a dog.

Remember last week when I mentioned green smoothies? I had one this weekend and it was tasty.


Spinach Pear Smoothie
2 cups (handfuls) spinach
1 cup milk
1 tsp honey
1/2 pear
1 frozen banana
4 ice cubes

Blend milk, honey, and spinach until mostly blended.
Add rest of ingredients and blend until smooth.


What’s your weekend update?


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Our house was finally sickless this weekend – for the past month either myself, son or husband has been sick. I enjoyed a nice run a little shopping some baking and food prep and relaxing. It really was the perfect weekend… and then it all came to and end šŸ˜¦ But here’s to looking forward to the next one!

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