Three Things + Taco Dip

I decided to share the things in my brain in three-part topics — again!

Since I love talking about food, let’s start there.

Three yummy things:

Oh mama, these are good. The cookies are pillowy-soft, and the frosting is obviously wonderful. It’s just fun and slightly ridiculous to tell people their cookies have cookie dough frosting.


I posted this soup in the last round of three things and finally gave it a try Sunday night. It got the thumbs up from David and me. I followed the recipe pretty closely except I used one small can of green chiles instead of roasting poblano peppers. Also, with great sadness, I skipped the bacon because there was was none in the house.

I was happy to make this soup because it helped with my goal of moving pins from Recipes to Try to Tried and Truly Tasty status. It’s happening slowly but surely. I probably will never catch up because I seem to accumulate recipe ideas faster than I can try them!

  • Taco Dipphoto

This is a Renes family all-time-favorite recipe, present at many get-togethers. It is simple, cheesy, creamy, delicious. Use your favorite salsa, grab some chips, and start dipping!

Combine all ingredients:
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 cup salsa
1 cup cheddar cheese

When I made this for the Super Bowl, I amped it up by adding lime juice, dashes of cumin, cayenne pepper, and topping it with tomatoes.


Three things that make me crazy:

  • Messy computer desktops

I have a mini panic attack when I see someone’s desktop filled with documents, random folders, and what looks like a shortcut to every single program. It makes me crazy that I can’t clean it up for them with a nice and neat folder system. Really, there’s no judging. Just a longing to overstep boundaries and impose organization.

  • Baby-talking adults who are not talking to babies

This never needs to happen.

  • The Charmin Bears

I become unnaturally angry when these commercials come on. Why are these bears having such a hard time with regular toilet paper? I don’t want to see the little bits of paper stuck to their butts. And I really don’t want to see the close-up of their faces as they wipe themselves with Charmin. Just because it’s a cartoon, and they’re bears doesn’t mean we should be seeing that! (Yes, David has to listen to this rant each time…sorry sweetie!)

Three quotes I loved from the book Quiet:


  • “There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.”
  • “Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe”
  • “Indeed, your biggest challenge may be to fully harness your strengths. You may be so busy trying to appear like a zestful, reward-sensitive extrovert that you undervalue your own talents, or feel underestimated by those around you. But when you’re focused on a project that you care about, you probably find that your energy is boundless.”

I loved this book so much. Introversion and power are often portrayed as opposing attributes so it was very empowering to read all the ways they can go hand-in-hand. It made me happy to see that there are so many strengths that I can build on just by the virtue of my quiet self.

There were many “That’s me!” moments when she explained what makes introverts tick (E.g. Introverts usually speak softer because that’s how they would like others to speak. Introverts hate small talk but love deep discussions. Introverts prefer a few, very close friends. Highly sensitive individuals (many introverts) dream vividly and can often remember them the next day.)

If you’re interested in the topic, here is a TedTalk by the author, Susan Cain.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

    Three workouts I’m liking:

  • Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

I’m not sure I could handle Jillian training me one on one, but I really don’t mind her guiding me through a great yoga workout. This video feels much more like a workout than any of the yoga classes that I’ve done at the Y. You move in and out of poses a lot and finish by holding them for fifteen seconds. Makes you feel the burn — especially with the chaturangas!

  • Body Pump

Okay, so I’ve only done this class at the Y a couple times, but I’m very excited to keep going. You use a barbell and work a different muscle group during each song. Challenging but pumps me up!

  • Deck of cards workoute52b234e28c63128b27aab0107b91d97


This is such a nice way to work out at home! You grab a shuffled deck and assign an exercise to each suit. (I followed the picture above – minus the Joker’s mile). The number of the card is the number of reps you do. Face cards are 10 reps, and aces are 11. Then you go for it, one card at a time and see how many you can do! Seriously, I think this works for me because I know I can always do one more card. The only bad thing was I once got stuck doing 25 burpees at the very end of the deck. Ohhhh, I was wiped. But in a good way, I guess.

I use this old deck of troll cards to up the awesome factor.


Just one last thing. I saw a few bloggers hosting a Hey Girl link party. I wanted to join in with a little joke about David’s way of mispronouncing my new favorite show.photo5

Tell me three things in your brain!


11 thoughts on “Three Things + Taco Dip

  1. I can not stand messy desktops either. It drives me crazy. My own screen is always empty. I even run an application that hides the taskbar — I don’t like the autohide feature. I just finished the book Quiet and loved it too. I think Rachel wants to read it next.

    • I just figured out how to empty my desktop at work — I didn’t have permission to take anything off the desktop but I could hide everything! So glad you liked the book. We could have a little family book club. 🙂

  2. I am laughing at the Hey Girl! Funny. I am at the library right this moment, and checking out “Quiet” right this moment. Thanks for the recommend!!!

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