My Anti Bucket List

At this moment, I am closer to 30 than 20. Truthfully, I have been for the past year of moments.

That’s crazy town!

I feel like I’m moving away from pretending to be a grown-up and closer to actually being one. Weird.

I also know I’m close (or past?) the transition from young adult to normal adult. When does that happen? I feel like someone should tell me when it does.


At 26, I am trying to pin down a couple things:

What I’ve done so far
What I should do by 30

I’m not the best planner so I don’t have a solid bucket list. Just the general feeling that I should be getting a lot accomplished — cool things that can be posted and liked on Facebook. Bucket list-worthy things.

I sometimes feel guilty or panicked that I haven’t done enough cool stuff.

So I was happily intrigued when I first heard about the anti bucket list. The things you don’t want to do. Others might put it on their bucket list, but you have no desire to.

I asked David what would be on his anti bucket list. This is, in order, what he told me:
Bungee jumping
Going in tall buildings
Touching a snake
Going to California

I laughed so hard — his first three items quickly dealt with his fear of heights. Then he covered fear of snakes.

And then, naturally, his fear of California. What? He explained, “I’m just not certain I like what they’re all about over there.” Hahaha…

So I sat down to write my own anti bucket list. It was really fun and kind of liberating.

My anti bucket list:
Whale watching
Scared of whales. They give me the heebee jeebees ever since I had really vivid nightmare about them.

Bungee jumping
Skydiving looks awesome but bungee jumping looks like a really quick fall followed by whiplash.

Go grape stomping
Gross and too much potential for becoming the next falling grape lady — “ow-ow-ow-owwww, ow-ow”

Participate in a food eating contest
These contests disgust my mom. I don’t want her to think I’m disgusting.


Climb Mount Everest
This was on David’s anti bucket list too but we agreed we would try this if everything off of our real bucket lists is done. Because in our minds, climbing Mount Everest equals death.

Get a tattoo
Just don’t want to do it.

Run with the bulls
Running with a chance of being impaled does not make sense.

Learn to yodel
I’ll learn banjo instead.

Own a super fancy car
Not my idea of a fun purchase.

Invent something
If I’m going to create a legacy, I hope it’s through writing. And kindness.

Throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game
Probably would look something like Carly Rae Jepsen’s.

There’s my list. Don’t need to do any of it.

But I should start writing my real bucket list. Sometime soon. Definitely before 30.


What’s on your anti bucket list?


2 thoughts on “My Anti Bucket List

  1. Thanks, Amy! That was hilarious. And I appreciate the food eating contest being on your list. Not that I would think you are disgusting, but I would have a hard time cheering you on. That’s on my list as well, plus seeing how any times I can be the last one to leave a store before it closes. Or be an astronaut. Too claustrophobic.

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