Three Things: Thanksgiving Edition

Hello, happy Thanksgiving week!

Is everyone ready to celebrate with friends and family?

We started Sunday night with Friendsiving.


The food was stupendous and the company was equally great so it definitely put me in the mood for all things festive.

I decided to do “Three Things” again, with a few Thanksgiving categories thrown in the mix.

Three Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Day

This would be a perfect breakfast for Thanksgiving week.  The sweet potatoes make the pancakes moist and the chocolate chips are a sweet addition.


This would be a nice way to pay homage to the cranberry without making cranberry sauce.  I love this flavor combo of cranberry, peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, and vanilla almond bark.


Some die-hard fans of the traditional green bean casserole may not like this version.  It’s a lighter take on the casserole, without cream-of-mushroom, and with a little more crunch and flavor from the fresh green beans.  I say it’s a winner!


Three Google Searches that Led to My Blog

  • “recipe for mango float using speculoos cookies”

Not sure if this sounds wonderful or odd.  Both?

  • “sneeze”

It kind of blows me away when a single word Google search leads here.  I’m sure the searcher was blown away by my report on the rare genetic sneezing disorder my husband has.

  • “what’s i have planned involves three things: first, it’s gonna’ be relaxing. second, it’s gonna be enjoyable”

This search term was the biggest mystery in my life for a few weeks.  I woke up at night screaming, “What is the third thing?!” Not really, I sleep like a rock.  But I was mystified.  I VERY randomly found my answer while browsing Pinterest humor boards.  Here’s the quote if you’re curious.

Three Drool-Worthy Sweet Potato Recipes


The chorizo and chipotle in this recipe won me over.  I think this might be the dish that converts David to liking mac and cheese.

Curry Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Last week I had a dream that I was in a cooking competition and came up with “Shepherd’s Pie with Curry-Spiced Sweet Potatoes.”  I think I can use this recipe to realize my dream.

Joy (the Baker) describes this pie as “bright and beautifully spiced.”  Can I make a mini version just for me?

Three Ways that David and I Are Opposites

  • Meats vs. Sweets

David will always choose meat – preferably steak.  I will always choose sweet – preferably chocolate.

  • “Home Again, Home Again….”

We usually say this as we get home and we’re pulling into the garage.  David says “home again, home again lickety-split.” I say, “home again, home again jiggety-jig.”  Intense debating usually follows.

  • Snapping vs. Whistling

My whistling can be pretty spot-on – although I’m no Andrew Bird.  David’s whistling is breathy and limited to one sad note.

Confession: just today I realized the lovely coincidence that a man named Andrew Bird is a good whistler. Yikes, slow with the connection-making.

I also just recently understood the phrase “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  I think I never processed the phrase because every part of it sounded so mean.  Can’t eat cake?  Don’t say that.

On the other hand, when David snaps his fingers it sounds like a tree branch snapping in half.  My attempts to snap are super quiet, like tiny rain drops hitting the ground.

I think this means we are meant for each other.  David and I can respectively snap and whistle our cares away…and make fun of the other person’s attempts to snap or whistle.

Three Pancake Recipes I Loved


I made these a few weeks ago.  They were really tasty although I feel like I spent an hour grating baby carrots.

I need to make these again.  The mini size makes me happy, and the cinnamon is heart-warming.


Yes, peanut butter bacon pancakes.  Fry really crisp bacon, cook up the pancakes, top with honey and bananas and more peanut butter, and you have sweet-savory-umami goodness.

Three Things I’m Thankful For

  • Home
  • Health
  • Family

I am so blessed and can’t be more thankful for these three things.

Hope you have a great holiday!


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