2013: The Stats and My Favorites

Hello, friend! Happy new year’s eve!

How merry was your Christmas?

I took a short break from blogging during the holidays.  I kept cooking, but neglected to take pictures. Silly blogger.

I made an easy and rich chocolate peanut butter pie.

I had a weird problem — more pomegranate arils than I knew what to do with — so I made pomegranate chocolate chip muffins.

As promised last time, I used up my molasses to make soft gingersnaps with butterscotch chips and gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting – both delicious.

Basically, I have been making ridiculous holiday desserts.  I seriously need to cool it with the sugary stuff and already feel a “detox” mode coming on.

I did take pictures with my family — can you see the love?



Right now lots of bloggers are doing 2013 blog recap posts.  I decided to join them.

I would describe my blog as a small-time, low-key site.  I’m not pushing for a huge audience, but I love the one I have. (probably because they’re mostly family — hi guys!)

I mostly invest time, energy, and love into the blog — never money or a ton of strategy.

That being said, I still enjoy peeking at my site stats. You already know I like looking at the Google search terms. (“Fancy sloppy joe” is a recent beauty.  Really, how do you make a sloppy joe fancy?)

I also like to see which posts get traffic, how people get to the blog, and what countries people are reading from.

WordPress lets me see these stats so I decided to share the numbers and some of my personal highlights from the past year.

Most Viewed Post

Fresh Green Bean Casserole



I posted this recipe after a Thanksgiving themed supper with friends in June.  Right before the real Thanksgiving, I saw that lots of people were clicking to the post from Pinterest.

Like a crazy amount — for my blog anyway.

On the Wednesday and Thursday of that week, 2,091 people viewed the post.

To put this in perspective, I got 4,900 views on my blog in the first year.

This is what Thanksgiving week views looked like compared to normal weeks.


I was kind of amazed at the short burst.  Like I said, my blog is small-time so I realize these numbers are still very low compared to popular blogs.

Mostly, I hope everyone who tried the recipe liked it.

I also hope they forgave me for the less-than-appetizing picture of half-eaten casserole.


I’m quite happy thousands of people have seen this picture — sweet.

Other top posts of the year:

Coconut Curry Chicken (thanks to this pin)

Greek Yogurt Cupcake for One

My All-Time Trader Joe’s Favorites

Dutch Comfort Food: Boerenkool met Worst


My Favorite Post

This is a toss-up between the fun I had writing #MidwestProblems and the happy tears while writing The Time I Really Wanted a Brother.

Posts like these make me glad that I have the freedom to call this a cooking blog but really write about whatever comes to my mind.

Top 6 Countries with Most Views


United States – 11,071
Canada – 587
Ireland -123
Australia – 90
United Kingdom – 64
Netherlands – 45

Yes, I made it top 6 instead of 5 so that the Netherlands could join the list.

Top Referrers

Resoundingly, Pinterest brought the most visitors to my blog (6,428).  Last year Facebook brought the most visitors.  Just goes to show the reach of Pinterest is really far.

Search terms came in second (809). Some top terms were “boerenkool met worst,” “non boring salads,” and “comfort foods in the netherlands.”

Looks like I should do more Dutch posts!  Maybe vla next?

Top Commenter

My mom — awww!  I feel the love. Thanks Mom!

Most Clicked Image

This pic of a Greek Yogurt Cupcake.

Doesn’t it look like the cupcake is drooling?


My Favorite Recipe

Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes with Chocolate Chips


I make these pancakes pretty often — I almost have the recipe memorized.  Runners-up include Cashew Chili and the super-easy and festive Party Popcorn.

All in all, a great year!

Thanks for reading and letting me share with you!


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