Greeeen Kale Smoothie


I am here to share a delicious smoothie I have been slurping down for breakfast.


This greeeen fruit-and-veggie-full smoothie.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that eating healthy doesn’t need to be so focused on restricting “bad” foods.  It’s more fun to focus on and enjoy healthier foods.

For example, eating lots of fruits and veggies is good for me and can be so tasty.  But sometimes it takes a little more work to keep the serving count up.

Here are some ways that I make sure I get plenty of fruits and vegetables each day.


Find good deals.

I’m much more likely to eat lots of produce if we have lots of produce in the house — makes sense, right? To stock up, I try to find the best deals I can. Aldi has been a great spot lately – $1.69 for fresh pineapple, $1.49 for three big zucchini, and grapes for $1.50/lb.

My favorite way to save money on groceries is to coordinate around weekly ads. I keep my eye out for coupons, but don’t use them often. I don’t like that they are usually for name-brand, more processed foods that I would not normally buy. Of course, I buy some processed foods but I don’t like the feeling that someone is trying to control my buying habits with coupons.

Wait — this is reality, isn’t it? Every store and company out there is trying to control my buying habits, analyze them, then control them some more. Ahhh, I don’t like that.

Roast vegetables as part of meal prep on Sunday

So easy to do this on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just peel, chop, toss with olive oil, S & P, then roast in oven till cooked. My favorites to roast are sweet potato, zucchini, squash, and broccoli. I like to roast enough so I can have a 1/2 cup serving for 4-5 nights during the week.


Have a salad for lunch

Salads are an easy lunch for workdays. You can keep dressing in the company fridge, throw any combo of greens and toppings together, and end up with a tasty salad.  My combo today was romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, roasted peanuts, carrots and goddess dressing.

Chop/portion beforehand

This goes along with the meal prep idea. We always have snack/sandwich bags to portion out food for lunch. These work perfectly for grab-and-go snacks like apple slices, carrots, celery, cucumber slices, and orange slices.

Have soup for supper and toss in extra veggies

Salads don’t cut it for me for supper. Especially this time of year, I like a hot dish. Not necessarily a hot dish but a dish that is hot. Like soup.

You can easily toss extra veggies into most soups. I always have frozen peas, green beans, or mixed vegetables that are great to add to chicken noodle soup, wild rice soup, minestrone, potato soup — whatever!

Have a green smoothie in the morning

I love this smoothie – even on frigid winter mornings. (Pair it with hot coffee, and I’m just fine.)





You can probably taste the kale a little, but the fruit makes it deliciously sweet.  I liked the addition of a couple strawberries.  If you don’t have those and want a sweeter smoothie, you could add some honey.

I also really like almond milk for this recipe!  Unsweetened vanilla, all the way.

Greeeen Kale Smoothie
Adapted from Lauren Conrad

1 heaping cup kale, de-veined and chopped
1 cup frozen mango, chopped (or could use peach, pear, or mixed berries)
1 frozen banana, chopped into 2-3 pieces
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk or 1 cup milk + 1/2 tsp vanilla
2-3 strawberries (if wanting a little sweeter)
couple spoonfuls yogurt (optional)

Put all ingredients into blender and blend on medium setting.

Once most ingredients are mixed, blend on “Liquefy” setting for a minute or so. Let it run until it super-smooth and you can’t see any kale bits!

Drink up — enjoy!



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