Three Things: July Edition

Hello – happy Monday!

I decided to do a July edition of Three Things — don’t mind that July is almost over!  I can’t help but join everyone in exclaiming that the summer is going too fast.  But seriously it is flying by in a fury.  Case in point: I made a summer bucket list in June and have only crossed three things off the list:

  • Tennis game with David
  • Watch fireworks
  • Drink a root beer float

These are pretty fun things but I need to work on a few more.

Three things I want to cross of my summer bucket list:

  • Make grilled pizza and homemade ice cream
  • Hike at Ledges State Park
  • Go to a farmer’s market (haven’t been yet…for shame!)

Three things my Mom sent home with me:

Two weekends ago, David and I went to visit family in Sioux Center and to see my little sister Rachel make profession of faith.  It was such a fun time and so great to be part of the special day.

Also, I came home with an excellent purchase: this beautiful painting by Rachel!  She’s been painting quite a bit and I’ve been told some of her canvases will be for sale on my sisters’ Etsy Shop soon (Breakfast at Betty’s <– check out all their cute stuff!)


Along with the painting, my mom sent home a bag of goodies.  I opened it on the way home and was so happy with its contents.

  • My peakflow


This thing is quite symbolic of my time dealing with asthma when I was younger.    This peakflow meter measured my (usually pathetic) lung capacity.  It made me laugh to see it again because I hadn’t seen it in so long.  Also a good reminder that I was very lucky to grow out of any asthma symptoms.

  • Cards, including this Christmas card from my Dutch host family



Loved reading this – my host family are the sweetest people.

  •  This t-shirt our family made in memory of my Grandpa Renes who passed away in May.


We are still missing Grandpa so much, but it is awesome to take the time to strengthen family bonds, enjoy the loving memory, and commit ourselves to what matters most — living for God.

Three birthday gifts I’m loving:

  • Tennis racket

Like I said, tennis was on my summer bucket list and David helped me out by getting me a racket.  We’ve gotten in a few games at a nearby court.  We used to play racquetball so we have weird habits to get over (like hitting the ball straight into the net or overcompensating by hitting way, way too far.  We enjoy the exercise, occasionally get some decent volleys, and love the time spent together.

  • Ice cream container and bowls



So cute, right? My sister Lori gave me this adorable set, and it gives me all the motivation I need to make another batch of homemade ice cream. (Maybe Buckeye State Ice Cream?)

  • Dutch treats


Some Dutch treats from my parents!  These have been my favorite snacks for the past week — nothing better than bread, butter, and chocolate sprinkles.

Three documentaries worth watching on Netflix:

We canceled our cable a month ago so I have taken the opportunity to watch more documentaries.  It’s a nice change of pace — like reality TV without the guilt, ha.

  • Spinning Plates

Netflix: “This gastronomic documentary profiles three distinctive restaurants based in very different locales: Chicago; Tucson, Arizona; and Balltown, Iowa.”

The Iowa town pulled me in, but I loved all of the stories and the idea that restaurants can play so many different roles.

  • Tiny: A Story about Living Small

Netflix: “A young couple with no construction experience attempts to build a tiny house in this documentary that contemplates shifting American values.”

This recommendation comes with a huge caveat – I found the central story of the young couple slightly boring.  However, I loved hearing other people’s stories and about the “tiny” movement in general.  This movie was good about questioning our materialistic, bigger-is-better culture without being too preachy or unapproachable.

  • Happy

Netflix: “Happy takes viewers on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy.”

I am obsessed with the topic of happiness.  I love books like The Happiness Project and The Happiness Advantage.  This documentary explains the topic by combining research and authentic stories which is my favorite combo — science with a heart.

  • Honorable Mention: Magic Camp

Watching awkward boys attend magic camp was surprisingly entertaining.  Also, the camp counselors were pretty serious and tough on the budding magicians.

Three songs I’m liking:

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

Panama Wedding – Uma

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities (ft. Zendaya, Kina Grannis, Max Schnieder, and Kurt Huge Schnieder) – from the Coca-Cola commercial!

Hope you enjoyed Three Things! Have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Three Things: July Edition

  1. Great post, Amy! I’m glad the peak flow meter brought you joy. When Lori saw it, she was reminded of the many times she would just tell you to blow into it harder! She didn’t get that you had asthma and couldn’t blow any harder. We’re anxious to try your homemade ice cream sometime and eat it out of your cool new bowls.

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