Three Things: Pregnancy Edition

Well, I’m looking a little tired in this picture but feeling happy and pregnant.


It’s really fun being in the second trimester for a few reasons:

  • Most people know so no more worrying about telling people
  • Bump is emerging!
  • More energy
  • Lots of excitement about planning without the panic of being super-close to the due date

I want to keep documenting these exciting days so I put together a 3-things list, pregnancy edition!

3 symptoms of pregnancy that surprised me:

  • Fatigue

I was tired-like-whoa most of the first trimester but am getting past it now.  I had heard of this as a symptom but was surprised how hard it hit me.

  • Thirstiness

Right around 8 weeks I started chugging water like crazy.  I can never seem to get enough!  I think I have a thirsty baby.

  • Stuffy nose

I’m pretty sniffy and sneezy these days.  Nothing too annoying, especially since it’s not accompanied by a full-on cold.  Stuffy nose has something to do with extra estrogen and extra blood pumping around my body right now.  Weird? Yes.  Most pregnancy things are, I’m finding out.

3 things that made me cry last week:

I think the pregnancy hormones are hitting me hard because I am tearing up a lot more often these days.

  • The season 1 finale of About a Boy – such a cute show and sweet final episode.
  • I was really moody this weekend and took it out on David a few times.  Sunday night the guilt of that suddenly hit me and brought on some tears and apologies.
  • Every other song I hear in the morning.  I usually listen to Life 107.1 on my morning drive into work.  It helps me get calm and focused on God for the day.  Songs hit me hard, especially ones that make me think of blessings and family.

3 outfits from my sister that make me secretly hope for a girl:

Last month my sister Becky sent me a big package full of baby clothes.  She said that she and my nephew are thinking I’m going to have a girl so she sent along some cute girl clothes as well.

We don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl — we’ll find out at our 20 week ultrasound appointment in November.  I can’t wait!

Awwww, pink and girly.  I can just see chubby little baby arms coming out of those cute sleeves.


Polka dots and ruffles.  Seriously, nothing cuter than baby-girl clothes.


I would totally wear this shirt.


Becky sent along crocheted hats too — she has lots more like this in her Etsy shop.


I have to share this onesie too.  My love for pancakes makes this one a favorite.


3 things I’ve been craving:

I am not totally sure if these are actual cravings or things that I just really enjoy eating right now.  They always sound good

  • Apples

I’ve been eating apples daily and they hit the spot every time!  I love chomping into a cold, crisp apple.  Most fruit sounds good right now though.

  • Scrambled eggs

I have usually been happy with my regular oatmeal in the morning but decided to also eat a scrambled egg for more protein.  Oh my goodness! So delicious.  I cook it with butter, gently scramble over medium heat, then top with pepper and sea salt.

  • Salt and vinegar potato chips

Wow, these chips are wonderful.  Trying to keep this one under control but enjoying a small handful has been so good.


3 (+) things I’m ready for:

  • People being nice to me.  Smiles from strangers, help lifting anything remotely heavy, and massages from David.  I am ready for it all!
  • Finding out the gender — see above!
  • Having a real bump
  • Feeling the baby move. I feel like everything will feel much more real after that happens.
  • Pregnancy glow and amazing hair and nails.  Please tell me this isn’t a pregnancy myth.
  • Celebrating New Year’s because 2015 is the Year of the Baby!
  • Advice.  Okay so I might totally bite my tongue later about this one, but I am really open to tips, stories, advice, whatever people want to give me about bringing a baby into the world and raising it.  David and I are totally owning our cluelessness about it right now.  I obviously can’t take all the advice out there, but I might be able to use pieces that are helpful for our little family.
  • Learning more about childbirth.  David and I watched two slightly scary documentaries this weekend – one about Waco, TX and the other one a very pro-natural birth documentary called the Business of Being Born.  Lots to digest in the baby one.  I don’t feel like it answered all my questions or convinced me of any “right” way for us but it makes me want to find out more.

3 things I want to remember about this time:


  • The joy of finding out and telling David.

It was my own secret for a few hours.  I bought a baby book “Guess How Much I Love You” to tell David the news, but I decided I better be more direct and show him the pregnancy test.  His excitement in those first few moments were so precious.

  • The fun moments of sharing with family and friends

David and I kept it to ourselves that we were trying for a baby so I think everyone was fairly surprised.  I loved the happy hugs and tears after telling family.

  • Enjoying the anticipation with David

I just love talking with David wondering what the baby will look like, what name we should pick, how we’re going to parent together, taking walks and imagining the little one joining us, on and on.  There is a lot of happiness despite all the unknowns.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Three Things: Pregnancy Edition

  1. So glad you are letting us “relive” some of those peculiarities and sort of “off the wall” feelings of pregnancy. With your joy and anticipation combined with your writing skills I will look forward to every blog you post. Love you ALL. Grandma

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