26 Week Pregnancy Update

Full disclosure: I am writing this update for me.

Okay, I’m posting it so you can read it too (Welcome, by the way!), but I am feeling a strong urge to document this time in my pregnancy so I don’t forget about it or let it slip by too quickly.

The weeks are flying by anyway.  David and I have a lot going on right now.  We are moving back to our hometown of Sioux Center which means new jobs, finishing my old job, packing stuff, moving stuff, selling our house, and looking at other houses.

We are so thrilled to be making the move.  It feels really right for our little family.  Some of the stuff that goes along with the move?  Those are getting us frazzled at times, but we are thankful for lots of family support, the fact that we both have jobs in our new town, and all the excitement for the future.


And now, onto documenting this week of pregnancy!

How far along?

On this Christmas Eve, I am 26 weeks and 3 days along!  And feeling pretty pregnant.  I haven’t been anxious about getting close to the due date but I feel like it will hit me after the New Year.  2015 is the year of Baby’s arrival. So crazy!

How big is baby?


Baby is 1 and 2/3 pounds, about the size of a scallion according to my weekly email updates.  Scallions seem kind of small, don’t they?  I have a hard time picturing how big that’s supposed to be.

I can tell he’s getting bigger and stronger.  Kicks are getting stronger and sometimes I can feel him stretching out on both sides of my belly.

Total weight gain/loss?

About 13 pounds?  Not totally sure because I haven’t been weighing myself as often.  My doctor said I’m on track and measuring well.

Before getting pregnant, I wasn’t sure if all the weight gain would make me really anxious or worried.  I’ve always been conscious of my weight (all of us ladies are, right?) but not obsessed.  I gained some weight in college, lost some weight after, but in general have stayed around the same number.  Now that I’m steadily gaining, I’m not really worried at all.  Doesn’t seem to make sense to worry about such a natural thing!

I try to focus on being healthy for the baby and for my own well-being.  To me, that means light exercise, lots of relaxing, good sleep, chugging water, power foods like fruits and veggies, and overall trying to keep things in balance.  I’m trying not to go too crazy with the sugary treats, but I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by cookie trays!  I probably take my role in clearing them a little too seriously.


Maternity clothes?

I have been living in my maternity jeans, comfy shirts, sweaters, and yoga pants.  I am really thankful that I haven’t had to buy very many maternity clothes thanks to the wardrobe gifted from Sara.  I also got a black t-shirt dress from my mom that paired really well with boots and a scarf.  Sorry, no pics.  I’m not a fashion blogger.


Sleep is so-so.  Some nights I’m a super-sleeper and other nights are more difficult.  I was sick with a cold last week so I had a few off nights.  Worst part about having a stuffed up nose?  Sleeping with your mouth wide open (attractive) and waking up with a crazy-dry mouth.

A couple nights ago I woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was so hungry!  I had to get up and grab a granola bar and read my book for a while before I could start dozing again.

Best moment this week?

Reuniting with David!


Last Thursday I packed up all my clothes and essentials and moved to Sioux Center.  David had already been staying in Sioux Center — he started his job Thanksgiving week — so we had been living in different parts of the state for a few weeks.  The time went pretty fast, and honestly I’m pretty okay with hanging out myself (proud introvert!) but it felt much better to finally be with David.

We are getting all settled into his parents house.  Very thankful that they’re willing to put us up (put up with us?) during the transition.


I have been feeling great!  Really happy for that.  I have had some back pain.  Still a little thirsty.  I have a mole on my back that is deciding to grow, which is weirding me out but my doctor told me is normal.

Food cravings?

Apples! Oranges! Ice cream! Chocolate!  Sweet things apparently.  I’ll try to keep balancing the fruit and the sweets.  I am loving cheese too and so pizza always sounds wonderful.

Food aversions?

Nothing really.  The other day I tried to make a sandwich for David and the smell of Miracle Whip almost did me in.  So grossed out.


We found out at our 20 week appointment — it’s a BOY!

I totally respect people who decide to wait to find out the gender, but I loved finding out.  Watching the ultrasound with David and holding his hand while we found out together, getting to share with family, and being able to talk about HIM and how excited we are to meet him feels like such a special gift.


Labor signs?

Nope.  Feeling good.

Belly button in or out?

In.  My friend Sara told me it would definitely pop out and that I should take the opportunity to clean it out well.  🙂   I’ve noticed the skin is getting more stretched out so it might happen soon.  We’ll see.  David tells me that one good kick from the baby will pop it out.

What I miss?

I still miss sleeping on my stomach.  Sometimes I miss deli meats like turkey and ham.  I know that I can still eat them if I heat them up but for some reason that grosses me out.

What I’m looking forward to?

Our next appointment — we get to see the little guy in an ultrasound!  I hope we get another good picture because I’m quite enamored with the first one.


Getting close to the third trimester.

I started seeing the baby kicks from the outside — so fun!

I got officially moved up to Sioux Center, went to a new doctor, and got a new job.

We had our first baby shower last weekend.  However, it was a surprise baby shower at a family Christmas party that we didn’t make it to.  Oops.  David’s mom’s sisters and family were so sweet though and got us and Baby some very nice things.


Here’s the bump at 20 weeks:


And here it is now! err…last week 🙂

Processed with Rookie

I’m still in the loving-the-bump stage, even when it gets in the way for shoe-tying and picking stuff up from the floor.  Maybe I’ll get to a more blimp-like stage that I won’t love as much but not yet.  I have started to rest my hands on the bump every once in a while, but no cups or plates or other dishware yet.

Thanks for letting me share!  Hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!


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