New Year’s Thoughts


I have to admit I’m being hit with all the NEWNESS of the new year.  Yesterday was January 1, 2015.  First day, new beginnings, and I’m feeling all sorts of emotional about it.

It probably doesn’t help that we watched a super-emotional movie on New Year’s Eve — probably my favorite I watched in 2014 — About Time.


Chick flick about time travel – yes, but also a really sweet story about family, cherishing each day, and a father-son relationship that will make you sob at the end.  There’s romance but it also goes beyond the “Boy and Girl Fall in Love” stage — into more of their life together, having kids, and other family situations.

In the beginning, the father teaches the son about time travel, but the best part of the movie is what he teaches him later.

That the real secret to time travel is using it to cherish each day.  To notice the things around you that make you a lucky human being.  Noticing the people you love. *sniff sniff*

We watched the movie, and I cried until David had a huge wet spot where I was leaning on his shirt.

So — I am feeling like New Year’s would be a good time to take the message to heart and think about all the days coming in 2015.  So many kinds of days.

Monday is a New Job Day for me. (eek!)

Hopefully a Selling Our House Day — SOON.

I hope every Saturday is Pancake Day.

There will be a Meeting our Son Day. (!) Which falls under the life-changing category in the best kind of scary way.  Followed by days of no sleep, days of parent-lessons learned, and days of firsts for our little guy.

There will be regular days, holidays, relax and watch Netflix days, and many hang-out-with-family days.

As all these come and go, I hope I take time to notice what I have to be thankful for. The movie shows that it’s hard to be thankful and stressed/worried/selfish at the same time.  Shedding all those leaves a void that can get filled up with kindness instead.


Which reminds me of a great article — probably my favorite I read in 2014 — with a commencement address by George Saunders.

George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates

Please, read it.  Now, pleasepleaseplease.

Reading it again reminds me how many unimportant things I fill my life and brain with when I should really just focus on being kind.

This video illustrates his opening story.

The article strikes me because it doesn’t allow for being nice to overlap with being kind.  Being nice means responding to life and others “sensibly…reservedly…mildy,” like Saunders says.  I’ve never had a problem being nice, but I know I can challenge myself to be more kind.

Kindness takes courage, vulnerability, and sacrifice.  Being kind means letting your inherent selfishness drop away so that you can just be filled with that “bright and shining” love for others.

I know that I want to be a “bright and shining” kind person.  The person who finds joy in all things, serves others, and lets God’s love fill me up so I can share it with everyone.

One very kind person was my Grandpa Renes.  He passed away in May of last year. I wrote about it here.

We took some time this Christmas to talk about him — the love he had for others and how he showed it every day.

I’m glad we took the time to not only remember him but use his example to take on our own missions to love others.

This Christmas we also talked a lot about our baby on the way.  Each day the responsibility of raising him is hitting me a little more.   I know I’ll have to teach him many things — seriously, who decided I was ready for that job?

Even though it’s overwhelming, I realized that above all else, I want to be a kind, loving person and teach my son the same.


And so — those are my thoughts for the New Year.  Slightly cheesy, possibly over sentimental, and very possibly pregnancy-hormone-induced, but real all the same.

Here’s to a bright and shining New Year – filled with love and kindness and gratitude!


One thought on “New Year’s Thoughts

  1. Sorry I didn’t read this before you were here last night. I would have liked to discuss it. Not cheesy at all, just so heart felt and felt it came straight from your heart. You are that kid of person and it is what I will strive toward more throughout 2015. Exciting things coming for you and David in this year. We pay for God’s blessings on all you undertake and experience. What an expectant time for you as you walk the way God has planned for you. Love you Amy.

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