31 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday to youuuu!

I wanted to share a pregnancy update of how things are going as I do lots of baby-growing, and we are busy prepping and counting down.

I keep meaning to do these weekly updates on the 5s (25, 30, etc.) but the weeks are going a little too quickly for me to catch them!  In any case, here’s what is going this week.

How far along? 31 weeks.  So crazy.  We’re securely in the third trimester and NINE weeks away from the due date.  Time is flying by — quite exhilarating and scary at the same time.

How big is baby? We got to see Baby again at our 29 week ultrasound.  (BTW, he’s still the cutest.)  They told us he is about 3 pounds 3 ounces, right on track.  According to my weekly email updates, he is the size of a coconut and 16 inches long.


I can feel him move around all the time.  But most of the time when I grab David to feel his kicks, he stops.  We think he’s already enjoying being a little stinker.

Total weight gain/loss? 20 pounds (gained obviously).  And starting to feel it.  🙂

Maternity clothes? Yes, still wearing maternity clothes! I was really happy to find this pair of maternity pants from Target.


They look dressy enough for work but they’re basically comfy leggings that I can wear with boots.  Perfect for cold, snowy days.

Side note: I really prefer maternity pants with a waistband that goes over the belly.  The low panel pants are okay but not my favorite.

Sleep? I’ve been sleeping really well which I am very thankful for.

I did have a pregnant-hot-mess moment the other night. I woke up with a killer leg cramp plus a nose bleed.  Obviously nothing serious but I can’t help but feel startled by these random why-is-my-body-falling-apart moments.

Most nights, I wake up a couple times a night to chug water and hit the bathroom.  Then I fall right back to sleep unless it’s too close to morning. I flip from side to side pretty often (which is a slightly painful movement) but sleeping is good overall.


Best moment this week? Seeing Baby during our ultrasound again.  Just like last time he was all folded up with his feet way over his head.  They said that he’s in breech position (butt first) but has plenty of time to flip around.

I also had a moment while putting away penguin pajamas gifted from Aunt Lori.  I held the tiny adorably soft pjs up to my chest and imagined a tiny adorably soft baby boy sleeping there.  It hit me how excited I was to cuddle him and meet him and dress him and feed him and watch him sleep and generally soak up his awesomeness.  It will be amazing.

Symptoms? Sore back.  Sore pelvis.  Crampy legs.  Otherwise not bad at all.

I am generally loving being pregnant so I’m trying to not let some soreness get me too down.  Just a good excuse to keep stretching and begging David for massages.

Food cravings? I’m not sure I’m having cravings anymore.  The normal stuff still sounds good – cheesy anything, apples, eggs.  I have a sweet tooth which calls for ice cream quite a few times a week.  I’ve been loving milk and orange juice.

Food aversions? Not really having these either.  I had a moment the other day where the smell of raw beef made me feel really sick.  David’s mom was a sweetheart and took over cooking that meal so that I could keep my distance.

Gender? Boy!  He’s got the cutest little soccer jersey too. Check it out:


Labor signs? NO! Wondering if I’ll start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions soon.  Wondering about real contractions… and how much of a wimp I’ll be with them.  We’ll see!

Belly button in or out? It’s just kind of flat right now. Super-ready to pop out.  I’m not ready.  Seriously — of all the changes my body is going through, this belly button thing is one of the most fascinating to me.

What I miss? I miss being able to work out with thinking too much about overexerting myself or what I can and can’t do.  Missing a good intense, sweaty workout.  Although I don’t love those as I’m doing them, they feel so great afterwards.

What I’m looking forward to?  Previously mentioned cuddles with little guy.  Getting all our baby stuff so we can feel more ready for his arrival.  Getting a plan together for where we will be living.

Milestones? We hit the third trimester!  We got our stroller.  We have a very strong contender for name choice, with several back-up options.

Also, my weekly Pregnant Chicken email told me that Baby is now dreaming…awwww.

Bump? Here it is! Taken at 30 weeks:

Processed with Rookie

Here’s my view, ha.


Overall I’m feeling quite happy and blessed.  It hit me the other day that I will never be pregnant for the first time again (duh).  It made me realize that it’s a really special time to wait patiently, get prepared for the big life change, and enjoy the anticipation.  I’m sure the time will fly by, and he will be the newest (and cutest) member of the family before we know it!

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