36 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along?

On Sunday we hit 36 weeks!  Wowee, can’t believe it.


We are definitely feeling the closeness of the due date and most conversations are before-baby-this and after-baby-that.  It will be strange when we start counting down in days instead of weeks.

One weird thing I’ve done this whole pregnancy is to mark the passing time when I look at expiration dates on foods.  I can’t read any of them without relating it to Baby’s due date.  This is what happens in my head:

Cheese expires 2/29/15?  Only a month away from the due date.

Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, best by 9/15/15….he’ll be almost six months by then!

Can of peaches expires 5/31/17…he’ll be a two-year old!

I guess this habit is fueled by my other weird habit of looking at all expiration dates.  I hate going past the dates and having to throw food away.

How big is baby?

According to my email updates, Baby should be almost 6 pounds!  Little guy’s not so little anymore.  He’s about the size of a head of romaine lettuce.


Total weight gain?

A very solid 25 pounds.  It’s a little strange to hit a weight I’ve never been before but just thinking about the little guy inside the bump is enough to make me okay with it.


Maternity clothes?

Not too many changes in the clothing department.  I started outgrowing some of my stretchy, non-maternity items that were previously working, and the buttons on my maternity coat are getting tested by my growing bump.


Nothing to complain about in the sleep department.  Very thankful for that!  I sleep pretty soundly and in the last week, I’ve been getting up fewer times each night.  Used to be 4-5 times a night, now it’s 2 or 3.

I’ve been reading some baby books including Happiest Baby on the Block which talks about how to calm babies from long bouts of crying and help them relax and get to sleep.


I know I shouldn’t overthink or worry too much about how we will deal with crying or sleeping issues.

BUT I am kind of worried about how I will deal with sleep deprivation.  I’ve never been one to skimp on sleep.  Never really pulled all-nighters.  Don’t deal well with the fuzzy-brain side effects of not sleeping.

Just another thing that I shouldn’t worry about.  Sleepy brain fuzzies may come but we will deal with it when it gets here!

Best moment this week?

We bought a baby memory book last week, and I started filling it out.  Thinking about writing to our little guy and having him read it later was an awesome moment.

In general it’s nice to start feeling more ready for baby.  We have our daycare plans set up.  We will go to a childbirth class this weekend.  We bought most of our needed supplies like diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, towels, and bottles.

David and I even bought a few fun toys and books for Baby.


We also have our “nursery” mostly set up.  Since we just closed on our house (YAY!) and have no time to buy a new one before baby-time, we will be staying with David’s parents.

We have a good set-up in the basement … with a few funny arrangements.

For example, gun safe flanked by diaper genie, play mat, and Rock-and-Play.  Normal, right?


Big flat screen TV next to baby’s bed? Get him hooked on Sesame Street early! Kidding of course.


I’m hoping we have our new place by the time baby-proofing is an issue.  Otherwise situations like his toy hippo next danger fire-pokers will have to be addressed.



Just feeling very full of baby.  My feet and back are sometimes sore but I am trying to focus on how good I feel and the excitement instead of the occasional discomfort.

Food cravings?

I’ve been having ice cream pretty much every day.  I’m not sure if this is a craving or just a very well-established habit by now.

I’ve also been loving fruit — apples, oranges, tangelos, strawberries, and these mango popsicles.


Food aversions?

Nothing!  I can eat anything.


Boy!!! He’s going be the coolest dude.

I get such a kick out of the idea that I can watch a little David growing up.  I realize he’s partly me too, but I have a feeling he’s basically going to be a mini-David.

Labor signs?

I’ve noticed a few more Braxton Hicks contractions but they don’t feel uncomfortable at all.  Just make my stomach hard as a rock.

Belly button in or out?

Verrrry stretched but still in.  But don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye on the situation. I have also been watching for stretch marks.  So far none, but I’m not holding my breath it will stay that way.

What I miss?

I miss deli meats and runny eggs.  Ready for a good turkey/ham sub and runny egg sandwich.

What I’m looking forward to?

Cuddling and reading to our little guy!

We bought these books last weekend — very appropriate considering it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday this week.


  • We are now in March — same month as the due date!
  • 36 weeks is the earliest point our hospital would let me deliver here instead of shipping me up to Sioux Falls.
  • Now going to doctor appointments weekly!


Here it is at 35 weeks:

Processed with Rookie

Compared to 25 weeks:

Processed with Rookie

Thanks for reading along and letting me share all the baby excitement.  We have been so thankful for all the support and well-wishes we’ve been given.  Just hope everybody is ready for lots of baby pictures!


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