Welcome!  This is my space to share kitchen adventures, favorite recipes, and other things that make me happy.

I enjoy cooking for lots of reasons:

  • Finding new-to-me dishes and ingredients
  • Discovering time-saving recipes that are fast and easy
  • Using healthy ingredients that nourish my husband and me
  • Indulging in fun desserts (or breakfasts that taste like dessert)
  • Eating really, really delicious food <— best part!

I am always learning and would love any tips and recipes you can share with me as well.

Just wanted to give a peek of what’s In The Mixing Bowl!

Life is full of wonderful things. These are some of my favorites:

Chocolate, peanut butter, of course


Stretching and back rubs

Smell of coffee brewing

Psych, Friends, LOST

Naps, when I get the chance


Walks with the husby

Pandas and sea otters

Home movie marathons with the family

Great books – My Antonia, Roald Dahl, To Kill a Mockingbird

Warm hugs

Stepping on particularly crunchy leaves

Banjo in any song

A warm and filling breakfast

Mexican flavors, especially lime, cilantro, cumin

The time 8:08

Finishing off a meal with ice cream, no matter how full you are (it fills in the cracks!)

Bike rides on sunny days


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